Sanitize Shopping Carts with CartShield!


Where can I purchase a CartShield sanitizing system?CartShield can be purchased directly from AVW Equipment or from one of our authorized distributors. Go to the Contact Us page on the CartShield website for our contact information and a list of authorized distributors.

How much does it cost? The standard single-cart CartShield configuration starts at $5,985, plus sanitizing solution. This will accommodate most grocery, drug, and liquor store applications. Pricing for multi-cart systems (for home improvement and warehouse stores) require custom solutions and pricing will vary based on system requirements.

Where can the CartShield Sanitizing system be placed? CartShield can be placed outside the store (under cover or not) or inside the store. In both cases, some type of drainage will be needed.

Who is responsible for installation? The single-cart CartShield system is shipped complete and is configured to be installed by the buyer. With some basic mechanical skills, It is relatively easy to build following the included installation instructions. Typical installation time is 1 hour.

Is installation and set-up included in the price? Phone installation support is included in the price, but the actual installation and set-up costs are the responsibility of the buyer. AVW can arrange for installation to be done by one of our distributors (charges will depend on travel and installation time).

Who do I call if something needs to be adjusted or fixed? Phone support is available from AVW? directly or from one of our local distributors. After install on-site adjustments can be made by one of our distributors (charges will depend on travel and installation time).

What kind of sanitizing solution is used? Our sanitizing solution is provided by AVW and blended by Kaady Chemical. It is an FDA/EPA-approved 80% alcohol solution.

Is it ready-to-use or a concentrate which needs to be mixed with water? The sanitizing solution is sold as a concentrate which needs to be diluted with water.

If yes, what is the ratio? One ounce of concentrate is used for a one-gallon batch; four ounces for a five-gallon batch. For the 55 gallon tank (provided with the CartShield system), 44 ounces of concentrate is needed.

Where does the sanitizing solution drain? The sanitizing solution falls into the stainless steel tray at the base of the CartShield system. The tray can be connected to an available drain.

Can the sanitizing solution drain into the sewer system? The sanitizing solution is EPA/FDA-approved and can safely be disposed of in your water drainage system

Does the sanitizing solution evaporate? The sanitizing solution does evaporate somewhat, but, if the tray fills up, the sanitizing solution/water mix will need to be removed. The best option is to connect the tray drain to an available drain.

Where can I purchase the sanitizing solution? The Kaady Chemical sanitizing concentrate can be purchased from AVW directly or from one of our local distributors.

How much does it cost? Current cost for a 5-gallon Kaady Chemical disinfectant concentrate container is $250, plus shipping.

Do I have to use the Kaady Chemical disinfectant concentrate in the CartShield system? For optimal performance and longer component life, we recommend that only Kaady Chemical sanitizing solution is used, but other high-quality sanitizing solutions can be used.

What kind and size of carts can the CartShield Sanitizing system accommodate? The opening that the cart goes through is 48" H x 35" W and can accommodate nearly all standard metal and plastic shopping cart designs. This can be adjusted accordingly to fit any size cart.

Can I sanitize more than one cart at a time? Yes, a short cart train can be accommodated, but optimal coverage is only achieved if the shopping carts are run through the system one-at-a-time.

Does it matter what side of the CartShield Sanitizing system the cart enters? Yes. The sanitizing spray is activated by a photo eye which is placed only on one side (entrance) of the CartShield system. The spray is timed to come on before the front of the cart reaches the area below the spray nozzles.

If a component is damaged and needs to be replaced, where do I purchase replacement parts? Replacement parts can be purchased from AVW directly or from one of our local distributors.

What kind of electrical power does the CartShield Sanitizing system need? The CartShield system uses standard 110 VAC power supply.

For outside locations, how do weather conditions effect the CartShield Sanitizing system? The CartShield system is can operate effectively in nearly all water conditions. Extreme cold may cause the sanitizing solution to solidify.

Is an attendant needed to "operate" the CartShield Sanitizing system? An attendant is not needed. With proper instructions and repeated use, customers can easily sanitize their own carts before entering the store.